You Snooze, You Lose Out on Great Applicants

There it sits, the last piece of chocolate cake.

It’s perfect and looks delicious, and it’s exactly what you need to finish off your lunch.

You have your eye on the prize as you stop to grab a glass of ice cold milk to wash it down with when all of the sudden your little brother darts out from the next room and snatches it up.  

Your anger explodes as you tell him you wanted that piece of cake and you were going to get it as soon as you pour your milk. He turns to face you with a mouth full of chocolate cake and snidely tells you “You snooze, you lose”.

The old adage is as applicable to your lost chocolate cake as it is to your job applicants if you’re hiring process takes too long.

That’s right, slow hiring process is not only costing you time and money, it's also probably costing you your ideal applicants.

In today’s video…

I’m going to walk you through five points where you can optimize the speed of your hiring process to make sure you’re not missing out on top applicants by taking too long.

  1. Know what kind of job seeker you’re looking for up front.

  2. Write job questions to find those specific job seeker.

  3. Optimize your thank you page to push the job seeker to the next step.

  4. Automate the next step so the job seeker has control of the process.

  5. Find a way to collect information beyond the resume.

Remember, the entire goal of this process is to engage the job seeker as a real human being as quickly as possible. The best approach to achieve this is to quickly and efficiently weed out the unqualified applicants so you can immediately engage your best candidates.

If you’re looking for more ways to optimize your hiring process take a look at the video below to learn how we help auto dealers save time and money by improving their hiring plans.

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Your Application is Scaring Applicants Away!

Your Application is Scaring Applicants Away!

We’ve all seen the type, he’s the one that's asking you about your financing situation before he’s even gotten your name or asked what type of car you’re looking for…
I’m here to tell you that the same type of over aggressive application process is scaring your applicants away just like your customers.

Six Simple Steps for Auto Dealers to Maximize Job Applicants From Craigslist

Six Simple Steps for Auto Dealers to Maximize Job Applicants From Craigslist

One of the other interesting things we found in the study was that not only is Craigslist one of the top three sources of applicants, the likelihood of being hired was five times that of Indeed. Now if you think about this another way, that means you have to look at five times fewer applicants in order to make a hire.