ApplicantPro for Auto Dealers Features

Improved CSI. Increased Sales. Filled Tech openings. All of this and more with ApplicantPro’s Hiring Optimization™ Framework and Software.

As an Auto Dealer, your goal is to provide the best auto selection or service needed that meets the unique needs of your customers. Our goal is to provide you with the best hiring knowledge and software available to grow your dealership and hire the best sales, service, and other staff.

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Powerful Job Advertising

Are the right people seeing your job postings? Your customers depend on you to find and hire happy, friendly, and reliable employees.  We’ll make sure your job postings are seen by thousands of applicants that will be a great fit for the job and will keep them happy. Our system gives you access to over 500 different job boards and all applicants apply through our system so you can easily view them all in one place.

Applicant Screening

An empty desk or service station at the dealership means longer wait times on the lot and lost opportunities to generate revenue.  Trying to find the best candidate by comparing every application head-to-head can be time consuming and ineffective. With the screening tools built into ApplicantPro for Auto Dealers, you quickly whittle your applicant pool down to the best talent so you can find better talent faster.  You can choose from job questions, auto disqualifications, and pre-hire assessments. Or you can opt for our more extensive screening tools that analyze pre-employment skills and work value assessments. Our screening tools also include job specific question groups and auto disqualification settings. Get ready to find and hire talent faster than you ever thought possible.

Branded Career Site

Your career site is often the first experience an applicant has with your dealership. In as little as 48 hours, we can set up a career page that shines and matches the quality and feel of the rest of your dealer website.  Because it’s also mobile friendly, applicants will be able to easily find the job they are looking for and sign up for job alerts on their smartphones or tablets. It’s simple to update and maintain without the need to bug your marketing or IT departments.

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Applicant Tracking

As a small business, you are often required to wear different hats. When it comes to replacing or growing your workforce, it can feel overwhelming, time-consuming, as well as costly, all in hope to find the right applicant.

Problem solved! ApplicantPro for Auto Dealers takes the work (and guesswork) out of the hiring process. With our Applicant Tracking System you will now be able to easily communicate with hiring managers, track who applied to what, file and keep track of resumes, follow up with your candidates, and have the time and budget to get the best applicants!

We give you unlimited manager logins to make sure your Sales, Parts, Service, F&I and other staff are all involved in the hiring process can easily collaborate. If you’re worried about compliance issues, ApplicantPro for Auto Dealers also tracks candidates through each hiring stage with disposition codes to make compliance easy. This also means you get to say “bye bye” to spreadsheets! If needed, we have additional options that allows you to check up on your chosen candidate with comprehensive background checks (FCRA collection, drug testing verification, and MVR to name just a few) and email reference checking.

Unlimited Support

There’s no better feeling than knowing you have friendly and knowledgeable people ready and willing to guide you every step of the way.  Our support team will have you trained and ready to use the system within 48 hours. After the initial training and implementation, you can chat, email, or call us anytime to ask any question or resolve any concern.  We pride ourselves in offering the best support around, at no extra charge.

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ApplicantPro for Auto Dealers is an affordable way to supercharge and simplify your hiring needs.

Applicant Reporting & Analytics

Compliance is everything in the HR world, but even more so for auto dealers. It can be a major challenge to compile, track, and share your data without stepping outside of your strict EEO and Affirmative Action guidelines. Our standard reports library makes it easy to access applicant logs, job overview reports, and much more so you can easily manage your reports in one place.You can also create custom reports with our report builder tool and each report can be exported as a .csv file for easy sharing and reviewing.