We Help GMs Re-invent Hiring for Better Business

As a General Manager, you’re concerned with everything and every team. Service, Sales, F&I, Get-Ready, BDC, Fleet, and more. Teams that run like a well-oiled engine make your job easier.  And that’s where we come in.

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Hiring is Marketing

If you want to sell cars online, you probably do a few things religiously: you post car ads where they’re going to be seen, you carefully write car ads to include relevant keywords, always disclose the price, and make a case for why customers should buy from you and not your competition down the street.


Hiring is Broken

Hiring has evolved. Gone are the days of posting a job ad in the newspaper and being flooded by applications. Gone are the days of category-centric job boards (thank heaven!) where candidates have to look past loads of irrelevant job to find the one they want.
Just like you post compelling car ads where they’ll be seen by people and ranked well by car sites, hiring now requires that we think like marketers. We start by writing compelling job ads--avoiding jargon and embracing keywords like SEO evangelists do. Then we post that job ad where it’ll be seen, including job boards like Indeed and CareerBuilder, social media, and even our own career site or page. Last, we must offer a hiring process that’s as friction-free as possible.


How We Fix Hiring

We’ve helped thousands of companies, including dozens of auto dealerships, fix their hiring by teaching them our Hiring Optimization framework. This covers how to write better, unique, compelling job ads. We also cover the best practices for posting to job boards, how to stretch your campaign dollars when sponsoring a job ad, how to best screen the increased flow of applicants to reduce the time it takes you to find the best, and, finally, we provide a software solution that backs your new hiring process that makes your people your dealership’s competitive edge.

What We Do