Better Companies Start with Better Hiring

As an HR professional, it all starts with you. Some see you as a Cost Center. But we know better. With your ability to hire the best, you’re fueling the dealership’s success from Day 1 of every new hire.

ApplicantPro for Auto Dealers helps HR Teams Re-invent Hiring for Better Business

Hiring is Marketing

HR is responsible for a LOT. Compliance. Training. Onboarding. Paperwork. Firing. And let’s not forget hiring.

Hiring these days is just marketing. Gone are the days of putting a job ad in a newspaper. Gone are the days of even listing your job in a giant category of “Sales” or “Service” or “Accounting” jobs with hundreds of others.

The principles of marketing are now the principles of hiring. Get more applicants by identifying and focusing on what makes your dealership unique. Rank better on job boards by writing compelling, keyword-rich job ads like the best SEO marketers. Create job seeker personas (just like marketers do) to attract the type of person you want--and avoid the type of applicants you don’t.

Successful companies start with successful hiring. And successful hiring starts with you.


Hiring is Broken

If you’re using boring, stale, stolen or templated job ads, your hiring is broken. If your application process requires more than essential information from an applicant, it’s broken. If your application process is more than two steps, it’s broken. If your hiring process doesn’t automatically screen candidates to save you time, it’s broken.

Broken hiring processes and software cost you. They cost you time, they cost you applicants (who wants to complete an hour-long, 5 step application process?!) and they cost you financially as you increase job ad budgets that are only offsetting poor hiring practices that can easily be fixed.


How We Fix hiring

We’re an HR team’s best friend. We’ll teach you how to hire, how to write, how (and where) to post, how to screen, how to assess and then select only the best candidates and, most of all, how HR can drive your dealership’s success. We even provide hiring and ATS software that backs our Hiring Optimization framework that’s tailor-made to get you more applicants, more qualified applicants, and make you look like a rockstar. We believe better hiring builds better dealerships. And better hiring begins with you.

Better Software. Better Hiring.

Dealer Hiring goes beyond Sourcing and Screening Applicants

We also offer an entire suite of products and integrations so you can build out the hiring platform specific for your needs.

In addition to the Hiring Optimization framework, ApplicantPro for Auto Dealers is also an all-inclusive hiring software for small and mid-sized companies, designed to make hiring easy, help companies attract the best candidates, and improve hiring and retention without breaking the budget. We offer more than just an applicant tracking system - we integrate every piece of your hiring process into one easy-to-use platform. Available hiring solutions include applicant tracking with a branded career site, resume upload feature, and customizable job applications, background checks, pre-employment assessments, video interviewing, and employee onboarding. Increase hiring organization and productivity and get more qualified applicants, while decreasing time-to-fill and cost-per-hire. We’re proud to offer features that promote a candidate-focused hiring process while relieving stress on HR’s side.

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