Better Sales Starts with Better Hiring

Better salespeople and lower turnover are both possible through better hiring. And better hiring is what we do.

ApplicantPro for Auto Dealers helps Sales Managers Re-invent Hiring for Better Sales Teams

Whether you have a sales team of two or twenty, you know that good salespeople are hard to come by. You also know that your dealerships’ Accountants would probably make for TERRIBLE salespeople. And your salespeople would probably make for TERRIBLE accountants. But we hire them the same way. Why?


Hiring is Broken

Boring job ads. Poor keyword usage in job ads. Application processes that ask for too much information (and subsequently kill application completions). Using the same hiring process and same hiring questions for Accountants that you do for Salespeople.

The list goes on, but the end result is the same: not enough salespeople apply for your job openings. Or worse: loads of unqualified salespeople are applying and you lack a way to screen them efficiently to see only the best. Either way, you spend too much time writing, posting, reviewing, interviewing, and too little time training and selling.


How We Fix Hiring

We’ve spent over a decade consulting companies on the right way to hire. With our Hiring Optimization framework, we cover how to write better, unique, compelling job ads. We also cover the best practices for posting to job boards, how to stretch your campaign dollars when sponsoring a job ad, how to best screen the increased flow of applicants to reduce the time it takes you to find the best, and, finally, we provide a software solution that backs your new hiring process that makes your people your dealership’s competitive edge. The end result: you’ve attracted, found and hired the best salespeople possible. Better yet: you also stopped them from working for a competitor.

What We Do