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Curious what our Dealer Hiring Demo is all about?

Our quick, yet efficient product demo will give you a close look under the hood of our hiring software and bring you one step closer to building your all-star staff of experts


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How long is the demo?

We can show you the most critical functionality in about 15 minutes. For a more full view of the ApplicantPro for Auto Dealers system, 35-45 minutes is best, but we’re happy to work with your schedule.

How are the demos conducted?

We will jump on a live call with you and screen share our desktop to show you how the ApplicantPro for Auto Dealers hiring software works. Beyond the tech stuff, we want to make sure the discussion is driven by you and tailored to your dealership’s needs.

When can I see the pricing?

We never want to hide our pricing. Client needs vary from dealer to dealer with most clients paying less than $200 a month and without any long-term contracts. For a full price quote, request a demo so we can discuss a custom pricing plan just for you.

What happens after the demo?

Our mission is to get you the most qualified applicants your dealership has ever had. To do that we can get you setup with a Free Trial. This includes posting a real job to real job boards and generating real applicants for one of your dealership’s teams. We also promise not to hold back any critical functionality during the trial period like some of “the other guys” do.